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The advantages of wallpaper

we are wall paper factory.welcome to become our importer. 1, the wallpaper is a kind of green metope adornment material, wallpaper itself is no pollution, so many relative to paint security; 2, colour diversity, friends can choose their favorite designs to decorate metope, can choose very much, does not like paint coating to choose a little, and now many can customize the wallpaper, wallpaper manufacturer friends to make the wallpaper can be according to their favorite content, creating unique decoration wall; 3, change at any time, with the passage of time, the wallpaper may be out of date, this time using wallpaper can be very convenient to replace, as long as the original off as new.  The disadvantage of wallpaper 1, clean more trouble, if want to clean after wallpaper surface is stained is more troublesome. One disadvantage of this is wallpaper, more trouble on the maintenance; 2, wallpaper itself, although there is no pollution, but the wallpaper glue contains a certain amount of pollutants, so suggest friends when the choose and buy glue to use relatively high-end glue, minimize the glue of the pollutants.


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