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What are the wallpaper to indoor beautification effect

we are wall paper factory.welcome to become our importer. What are the wallpaper to indoor beautification effect First metope airtight is actually advantages: if metope breathable, of radon in building wall materials will send out slowly into the bedroom. Natural radioactive radon is a colorless, odorless gas, will soon become after inhaled radioactive isotope radium, make the person causes cancer. 1/5 of the patients with lung cancer in the world related to indoor radon pollution. Radon is often from the pollution of the atmosphere, as well as concrete, stone, paint, brick and tile, paint and other materials into the bedroom. Sealing performance obviously good wallpaper can stop radon distribution. In addition, the air in the room is ventilated take a breath, rather than rely on the walls to breathe freely, so the metope of venting or not doesn't affect indoor air. And emulsioni paint is breathable, as everybody knows, to use before you use emulsioni paint primer paint the walls, what is the function of a primer, is "closed, isolation, moisture-proof and mildew proof", and try to be metope is to brush paint don't breathe freely, so as to avoid moldy emulsioni paint the drum. In addition, some pure paper wallpaper, his breathing wallpaper, actually also is nonsense, because paper also must brush before wallpaper basal membrane, the role of the basement membrane was also closed metope, so, no matter metope stick is pure paper or waterproof wallpaper, wallpaper or brush emulsioni paint, qualified metope is airtight.


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