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Decorate children room Why use exclusive wallpaper?

we are wall paper factory. welcome to become our importer. Decorate children room Why use exclusive wallpaper? Recently, several famous children's psychological experts, as well as the domestic and foreign famous wallpaper brand held a workshop, the following are some of their children room wallpaper using consensus: ?? First of all, infants and young children period and school-age children's growth points in two stages, the two stages of children, have a different feeling for color and design ability, thus corresponding wallpaper products also should be different in the concrete application. ?? Does early childhood: ?? Colorful green wallpaper with the baby grow ?? In general, infants and young children refers to children before the age of 6, the expert points out, aged 3 to 6 are the acceleration period of children's intelligence development, also is a key period of cultivating creativity. In this period children of bright colors and color difference was impressed by the design. Therefore, room decoration should break the fixed pattern,, with the baby's interest and are choosing wallpaper to consider more lively and lively colour, had better give priority to with warm color, because warm color helps baby's sense of security, choose more designs have story and the cartoon modelling of tong qu. ?? Children's wallpaper the most cultured is environmental protection, the best choose and buy pure paper, Germany long wallpaper greater China wait always tells a reporter, pure paper paper children room is specified in Europe, so German long wall paper of all children room wallpaper for pure paper. ?? When school-age: ?? Boys and girls properly placed ?? This time the boy began to have their own ideas, they are eager to independence, have strong interest in the future, therefore, color rich forest, light far sail, Africa's original ecology, flying saucer and the stars are they most interested in. Color, green series, and close to nature, let a person feel comfortable, relaxed; Navy color is beautiful and can form bright friendly indoor environment, to the child soothing effect to a certain extent, can develop his cheerful and healthy personality. ?? The school-age girls mind sensitive and exquisite, has a meticulous feeling on outward things, full of fantasy, they or imagine walking in the cloud, or imagine in the green grass look at the stars. The room in the walls in the flowers. She can also imagine yourself to be Snow White... Therefore, we should choose a few can cause lenovo, or a story of wallpaper, to cater to their psychological needs, satisfy their fantasy. Should be given priority to with warm color, consider more tender pink or yellow. The color difference is not too big, can build the children's favorite.


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