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The beautiful scenery on the wall Four ways to wallpaper maintenance technology welcome to become our importers. The beautiful scenery on the wall Four ways to wallpaper maintenance technology Now the consumer concept of household decorates has changed, the wallpaper has also been more and more people's attention, household decorates to apply wallpaper are already more and more, but you know something about the wallpaper basic maintenance knowledge? Maintenance of common sense is very important. Part1: don't let decorate construction process about maintenance damage appearance Pretty like new wallpaper, seize person eyeball? Or old fall off, dirty ugly? The difference, is that only if you attentively maintenance. Wallpaper maintenance need daily careful, the following will introduce you to maintain the wallpaper tip. 1, wallpaper paste engineering as far as possible put the last As far as possible to avoid damage and pollution, wallpaper paste project in the last of the bedroom to decorate a process, in particular after the skirting board installation. Or in the process of paste, easy to wallpaper shop again after the shop is stuck, the line that play a base, easy for the installation of the line that play a base, the wallpaper at the bottom edge. 2, fixed the corner The wallpaper in the corner or wall cloth paste after application Angle of a piece of aluminum plate or other appropriate material for reinforcement and protection. Otherwise, without the wallpaper of the shop is stuck firm, easy because some collision and fall off. 3, wallpaper holds skills Decorating a process, the preservation of the wallpaper is also the need to pay attention to point, wallpaper pay attention to the places in from the open, from the water, and generally have a coat parcel wallpaper, don't pull down the outer packing of the wallpaper, wallpaper is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp. Part2: daily maintenance is very important Count maintain coup for wallpaper, wallpaper daily maintenance is also very important, is not to say that something no matter all wipe a wallpaper, but must pay attention to wipe the frequency and detail. The method and frequency of the different seasons and climate, maintenance is different. 1, maintain do every day Maintenance wallpaper must insist every day, every day with a feather duster to sweep up the wallpaper, often do the wallpaper, avoid wallpaper dusty above, bringing consumers every day clean and comfortable one day, so why not? 2, pay attention to the ventilation In the wet season, except on metope besmear brushs moistureproof agent should open the Windows and doors in the daytime, the strong ventilation, night closed doors and Windows, prevent wet gas. At the same time to avoid adhesive did not work before, metope blow by the draught, destroy the wallpaper paste fastness. 3, ensure wind circulation If home wallpaper decoration materials, useful Suggestions often open the window, ensure wind circulation, the convection, if not for a long time so the damp and mold is growing on the wallpaper, not only affect the life of the wallpaper, to human body health also can bring great threat. Consumers in selecting the wallpaper is should pay attention to brand and wallpaper wallpaper manufacturer, now domestic wallpaper in the aspect of environmental quality as good as imported. Don't blindly pursue high import prices and ignore decorate a style of their own. Part3: cleaning strength must be enough wallpaper stain cleaning method Many people think that do not need often clean wallpaper, actually for regular cleaning of the wallpaper is very necessary. Especially the wallpaper easily camber, crack hidden dust, etc. The following wallpaper should be how to clean. 1, the seams of the wallpaper glue mark wipe again and again For the seams of the wallpaper glue mark can use detergent wipe again and again. In general the wallpaper has certain scrub resistance, therefore, if there are any stains, use soap and water or other detergent wipe lightly. 2, high foaming wallpaper easy to dust High foaming wallpaper easily deposited, can every 2-3 months vacuum cleaning again. Also is important to note that don't use the back of the chair, table and other hard objects impact or friction metope, lest walls are destroyed. 3, found that the edges of the wallpaper has become warped must deal with When clean clean, if it is found that the edges of the wallpaper has become warped up phenomenon, users should calm thinking, this is because the weather changes in temperature and humidity of heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon, so consumers only need to use a professional wallpaper glue to paste. And use a flat object, such as books, such as table tennis racquet pressure the pressure is ok. Part4: wallpaper pavement maintenance pay more attention to the construction process Wallpaper is different from the other one advantage of interior decoration material is: the wallpaper of daily use and maintenance is very convenient, can wash and brush, there is no other special requirements. Maintenance problems that should be paid attention to is to keep dry and indoor environment. Maintenance is the key to extend the service life of wallpaper, wall cloth, maintenance, including before the shop is stuck, later maintenance. 1, before the construction protection Wallpaper, wall cloth should choose air relative humidity under 85%, also should not have severe changes of temperature must be avoided in the wet season and in wet construction on metope. Shop to wallpaper, attractive and durable, not easy to blister warping, before the construction of metope processing is very important. Preparation of wallpaper metope must be dry, no dust dirt. Before the shop installs wallpaper, we suggest that had better put a layer of polyester paint on the wall so that moistureproof mildew. 2, the construction of protection To paste the wallpaper, wall cloth when spilled liquid adhesive, shall, from time to time, with a clean towel to wipe clean, especially the glue mark juncture place to deal with clean. Requirements and tools to maintain a high level of construction personnel will hand cleaning, such as is stained with dirt, wash immediately with soap and water or detergent clean. 3, after construction maintenance After the shop is stuck, should open the Windows and doors during the day, keep ventilated; Prevent humidity to enter, the evening want to close the doors and Windows, and also to prevent sticking of metope wallpaper was loose in the wind, thus affecting the strong degree of paste. Regularly to vacuum clean wall paper, wall cloth, notice to vacuum cleaner in the head. Daily found special dirty mark to erase in time, the waterproof wall paper can swab with water, after washing with dry towel blot; For not waterproof wall cloth with a rubber wipe, or dip in with towel some cleaning fluid after twist dry graze. At ordinary times should pay attention to prevent hard impact, friction, wall paper and wall cloth. If some places juncture craze, timely to give subsidies, not allowed to send


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