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The correct specification wallpaper paving, personally decorating their own home Abstract: the decoration of the wallpaper is no stranger

The correct specification wallpaper paving, personally decorating their own home Abstract: the decoration of the wallpaper is no stranger, and then pattern rich wallpaper, no delicate paving technology also appears neither fish nor fowl, out of the effect. What is the standard wallpaper step? Xiao Bian teach you to become the construction supervision of people. 1, pre-preparation (1) the amount of wallpaper and the purchase of the first room to measure the actual need to paste the actual area of the wallpaper, to know a roll of wallpaper is generally 520mm wide, 10000mm long, the area is 5.2 square meters. Use this point to calculate the need for the number of wallpaper volume, in order to ensure the amount of volume in the calculated volume plus a roll; Note that each volume of the wallpaper number and batch number is the same. (2) wallpaper glue to buy stickers wallpaper is a special wallpaper glue, we must pay attention to environmental protection. White mortar

Used more, dry after the full transparency, generally with the use of wallpaper powder; transparent plastic

Pulp sticky force is very strong, for the convex wallpaper, metal special wallpaper when the more prominent its superiority. (3) paste wallpaper tools glue, brush, towels, sponge, sandpaper, cutter, scraper, tape measure, Sheng plastic containers, gypsum powder, bandages and so on. 2, the construction steps (1) clean, polish the wall surface. Here is for the grass-roots has been done, the formation of the wall, clean up the wall of floating dust and other pollutants. (2) Measure the wall size. The previous period is measured in order to calculate the amount of wallpaper used, here is a more accurate understanding of the size of the wall in order to cut the wallpaper after. (3) cut the wallpaper. Measure the height of the wall to the baseboard, and then cut the wallpaper. No pattern pattern of wallpaper according to the height of the wall plus about 100mm cut, for the upper and lower trim; on the flower wallpaper need to consider the symmetry of the pattern, need more than 100mm, and from the top should be on the flowers, planning after cutting, In order to paste in order. General wallpaper is not recommended wet paste. (4) brush wallpaper glue: in order to ensure a solid paste, wallpaper and the back of the wall should be brushing plastic, glue to brush evenly, can not wrap, from the pile, to prevent dirty wallpaper. Brush in the wall, the width should be wider than the wallpaper width of 30mm. Wallpaper on the back of the brush, the plastic face folded for 5 minutes, both to prevent the glue quickly dry, not susceptible to pollution. (5) paste paste: the principle is the first vertical level, the first after the next, the first high after low. Paste the first piece of paper, find a good baseline in the corner, hand from top to bottom, by theIndirectly flattened on both sides, then scraping the scraper, so that wallpaper and wall paste. When the second wallpaper is attached, it is overlapped with the first web of lap, and the overlapped portion is cut with a wall knife, and the remaining part is removed and scraped with a squeegee. It should be noted that the edge of the wallpaper squeeze the glue to wipe with a wet towel in time to avoid the days of wallpaper yellowing.


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