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Seamless wall cloth is the width of the wall in the 2.7-3 meters

Seamless wall cloth is the width of the wall in the 2.7-3 meters, the length can be customized or zero cut ultra-wide wide wall cloth, the front use of woven fabrics, raw materials are chemical fiber, linen, cotton and linen blended, the back Do the coating. In the construction, more than 2.7 meters wide to meet the wall requirements of more than 95%, horizontal paving, horizontal length can be zero cut, so you can do a wall or a whole room without a seam, Paste finished. Seamless wall cloth is a traditional wall cloth update upgrade products. Currently in the wallpaper industry is still emerging products, the first to do seamless wall cloth products to the business now but a few years, the development of the period but also more than 2 years. Big this short period of two years, there are more than 10 companies to follow up, I believe that no one wall products with many traditional products can not match the advantages. One, seamless wall cloth product advantages seamless wall cloth in product development, different from the wallpaper and the traditional narrow wall cloth, it gathered the following major features: 1, seamless high 2.7 or 3 meters, the basic To meet the needs of most of the wall; width (length) according to the user wall circumference quantitative cut, no seam after construction, so that the wall view neat, smooth and smooth, so that the entire decoration is both seamless, Artistic effect, but also to avoid the contact side of the edge caused by the shorter life of the problem. 2, breathable moisture The product as a result of the use of woven fabrics as raw materials, so good ventilation, moisture resistance is good, so also known as the wall will be breathing, which is different from the ordinary airtight wallpaper a major advantage. If the wall humidity, it can be through the tiny holes in the wall moisture, to prevent the mold mold off. Therefore, the product is particularly suitable for the temperature of the coastal and hot and humid areas of the wall decoration use. 3, environmental protection Today people will certainly put the health of the first place in the decoration, no doubt the front of the wall products is pure cloth, is our life as curtains, bed sheets, clothes cloth, so environmental protection is not a problem. 4, durable As a result of the use of various types of pure cloth as the surface of the main material, so that it has a pull pull good, durable and so on. For the wall due to putty caused by cracks and other issues played a cover, protection, cohesion role. In addition, in case of hard objects impact, ordinary wallpaper will crack the skin can not be repaired, affecting the appearance, and the wall will not have much impact. 5, easy to care, easy construction Seamless wall cloth generally made in the surface of the waterproof, anti-oil, dust treatment, water or soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil, etc., will fall into the cloth will form a small water droplets, The detergent wipes the stains.

    Seamless wall cloth with ordinary wall powder and mortar construction, in the construction process do not have to spend on the seam, the general paving only in the corners at the cut, the whole wall is a piece of cloth, the construction is relatively simple, Faster than other wallpaper. 6, other features As the fabric texture bumps, can play a certain sound absorption, silencing, noise effects. Second, seamless wall cloth industry outlook Seamless wall cloth as a new product, with many advantages, but the current market share is limited, which remains to manufacturers and dealers to work together to make it bigger and stronger. For the seamless wall cloth product prospects, the author is still very promising. First, the market demand is expanding. After various manufacturers of different ways of publicity, market awareness in the continuous growth of the market demand also showed a rising trend. Wall cloth as the wallpaper industry's high-end products, the market share will increase year by year, and seamless wall cloth with its many transcendent features, will inevitably continue to increase market share. Second, the development of enterprises from the law point of view, the production-oriented enterprises need to bitter internal strength, improve the management system, will inevitably bring about the upgrading of product quality. From the product design and development, to the product packaging marketing, until after-sales service, to make great efforts to continuously improve their own competitiveness, while improving the competitiveness of products. The ultimate source of business development or from the competitiveness of products from the product market awareness. Therefore, after a period of development, is bound to the quality of the product, so that their characteristics tend to be clear, the product's competitive advantage tends to be clear, and ultimately the formation of coexistence and common prosperity of the situation. And those who can not improve management, can not keep up with the market of enterprises will inevitably be eliminated. Third, the key to the development of dealers is to seize the initiative. In the early low-priced products to seize the market opportunities in the wall before the development and expansion of the market before the initial reputation. As a boss, to pay attention to find high-end resources; as a clerk, as soon as possible to enrich the knowledge of wall cloth. This way, until the rapid development of the wall cloth market, the store from top to bottom on the wall cloth sales have been handy, pre-customer resources will bring new wall cloth customers. Seamless wall cloth production and management of enterprises there are many problems, but there are problems only power, there is power to have vitality, the development of the industry and the development of enterprises with a reason, no doubt Wallpaper as wallpaper industry in a new product, Will be with the development of the industry and growing prosperity.


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