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On the "live" paper interior decoration materials - wallpaper

Wallpaper is our daily life is a very common kind of interior decoration materials, in many places can see the wallpaper figure, and our life "live" is closely related.

With the development of the times, a variety of interior materials began to develop, and get a wide range of applications, wallpaper is one of the fastest growing material. According to statistics now Japan, Russia, the popularity of wallpaper in the interior decoration close to 100% in Europe and the United States also have 50% -60% penetration rate, and in China this kind of interior decoration materials there is still much room for development, the current penetration rate Less than 1%. With the changes in the concept of consumers and progress, has been from the previous "paint era" into the "wallpaper era", more and more people began to understand the wallpaper, used in interior decoration wallpaper, but also to China's wallpaper industry Towards the popularity of the forward. Now most of the hotel hotels, department stores, government agencies, high-end restaurants and other places have begun to use a wide range of wallpaper, wallpaper, the advantages of more and more people have been recognized, more and more widely used. The United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, South Korea for the origin of wallpaper, wallpaper industry in recent years than in the past also has great development. Wallpaper is a kind of wall decoration material made of paper as the base material, with PVC plastic, fiber and so on as the surface layer, rolled or coated, printed, ginning or foaming. As early as the Tang Dynasty in China, someone painted on the paper to decorate the wall. The mid-18th century, the British Morris began mass production of printed wallpaper, with a modern sense of the wallpaper. With the development of the times, the development of wallpaper with the development of the world economy and culture and continuous development, has experienced: paper, paper painting, foam paper, printing paper, embossed paper, special paper development changes process. The original wallpaper is drawn on paper, printed from a variety of patterns made. There is a certain decorative effect, but also limited to royal court and other senior places to do the use of local decoration. Really large area with other decorative materials into the home life, or in the late 1970s 80s began. The whole 80 years, is the era of popular bubble wallpaper, "foam" also known as screen version of embossed foam. Refers to the addition of blowing agent in the raw materials, in the production process supplemented by high temperature, making the foaming agent to complete a similar "fermentation" process. So the wallpaper will produce a sense of convex, soft, the advantages of such wallpaper is a three-dimensional sense of strong, can increase the sense of space room. To the late 80s, with the development of the plastic industry, there have been a replacement wallpaper - plastic wallpaper. This wallpaper does not foam, so the texture is hard, greatly improving the shortcomings of the foam wallpaper. Waterproof, moisture-proof, durable, exquisite printing, embossed texture is good, can be displayed on the wallpaper in a variety of patterns and patterns, the color expression, practicality to create a new page of wallpaper development. At the beginning of the launch of the plastic wallpaper, the texture of the glossy mercerized wallpaper was popular. To the late, with the housing decoration industry trends change, matte matte wallpaper (cloth sense of wallpaper) gradually led the trend. Wallpaper for color, pattern expression is more and more intense, by consumers generally welcome. From the late 1990s to the early 21st century, the cloth pattern of the wallpaper began to pop, is expected to start in 2002, with the human demand for leisure, comfort and environmental protection requirements, green, return to natural products will be accepted, consumers The demand for paper wallpaper will be further increased. In addition to the traditional wall covered with the traditional wall of the decorative effect, in fact, can only be attached to some of the wall, with the edge of decorative wallpaper, the wallpaper 'set' up, made a painting on the wall. This approach not only break the immutable wallpaper decoration, but also for the decoration of the wall to add more ideas. Wallpaper because of its rich and colorful patterns and the use of convenient and widely welcomed by the most widely used one of the interior decoration materials. With the development of building technology itself, the type and quality of wallpaper is also in constant change in the update. Now some of the wallpaper to introduce high-tech content, and the overall integration of the building more closely, to people's lives brought a lot of convenience. There are many categories of wallpaper, roughly divided into the following types; one, according to the surface material classification; 1) paper wallpaper: is the most commonly used material. With the material light, thin, color and more characteristics; 2) plastic wallpaper: wallpaper surface for the plastic material, texture, vigorous, durable;

3) cloth wallpaper: also known as wall cloth. Wall cloth heavy material performance, not only texture Wenrun, the pattern is also simple and elegant, the main material to the development trend of nonwovens. 4) wood wallpaper: veneer cut into thin slices as wallpaper material, because the price is high, use very little; 5) metal wallpaper: the gold, silver, copper, aluminum And other metal, after processing, made of thin slices decorated in the wallpaper surface 6) plant wallpaper: the processing of the fine grass or as the same as the mat weaving, with natural style; 7) diatomaceous earth wallpaper: diatomaceous earth is From the growth of plants in the sea lake in the accumulation of millions of years of change from the diatomaceous earth itself has numerous pores, can be adsorbed decomposition of the air odor, so that it has a humidity, breathable, mold deodorant Features. 2) fire retardant wallpaper: a flame retardant, flame retardant characteristics; 3) sound-absorbing wallpaper: a sound-absorbing capacity, suitable for the use of anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, anti- 4) antistatic wallpaper: effective to prevent static electricity; 5) fluorescent wallpaper: can produce a special effect ----- night brilliance. Night lights can continue for 45 minutes after the fluorescent effect, loved by the children. Three, according to the product color and decorative style classification; wallpaper can be divided into pattern type, floral type, abstract type, combination type, children's cartoon type, special effect type, and can play the finishing touch of waist wallpaper. Now the wallpaper printing technology is very high-end, in addition to flat printing, there are still jelly printing, clay coating, engraving, carved technology, etc., these technologies are basically derived from foreign, different printing technology, can express different styles and ideas , So that the decorative effect of wallpaper is stronger, the same color, but the import of wallpaper chromatography technology is more developed, the details more clear and clear. This is why the price of imported wallpaper is more expensive. Buy wallpaper is like buying clothes, if you buy their own clothes, is to choose strong and durable, taste fashion, work well-known brand it? Or just consider the cheap price? The following is the world's top wallpaper brand: No. 1: Italy Rome wallpaper RUOME, the world's top wallpaper; No. 2: Royal Elizabeth EILISHA wallpaper wall covering, the world's top wallpaper and fabric brand; third: ITMILAN Italy Milan wallpaper, The world famous wallpaper brand; fourth: the British royal brand Victoria Victoria wallpaper, the internationally renowned wallpaper wallpaper brand; fifth: France Napoleon wallpaper Napoleon, the international top wallpaper brand, leading wallpaper business; 6: France Paris wallpaper, Europe One of the largest wallpaper production enterprises; 7: France Auchan wallpaper, known as "the blue blood in the wallpaper aristocracy." No. 9: the British luxury Louvre wallpaper LUFUGO, Europe's leading wallpaper wallpaper brand; 9: British Shakespeare wallpaper Shakespeare, the British larger manufacturers; 10th: Germany Marburg wallpaper, Ma Fort from 160 years ago Began to progress, the German environmental wallpaper. At present, China's wallpaper quality, color, variety, grade, function can be comparable with foreign wallpaper, has reached the international advanced level. Mainly in the environmental performance of the superior, the wallpaper market share increased year by year, any difficulties have been unable to stop the pace of wallpaper in China, according to statistics, the domestic market share of wallpaper has been tied to paint. With the development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, I believe the wallpaper as a daily necessities, will fly into the homes of ordinary people!


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