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Deep embossed wallpaper

  Deep embossed wallpaper that PVC
Wallpaper, resin wallpaper, is a kind of wood pulp fiber paper, non-woven fiber paper as the substrate, the surface coated with high-grade resin slurry, the use of professional deep embossing production equipment,
According to different patterns using different printing wheel, in the wallpaper surface printed on the required wallpaper pattern. After the wallpaper softens,
Embossed roll
Oppress the surface of the wallpaper, so that it produces the corresponding pattern effect. Which also includes dry, high temperature, cooling and other multi-channel technology to ensure that the three-dimensional view of wallpaper and environmental performance.
  Details: PVC wallpaper than ordinary wallpaper 3D stereo effect. PVC
Wallpaper after embossing can produce a strong three-dimensional three-dimensional, and can be made into a variety of realistic texture effects, such as imitation cloth,
Imitation leather, imitation wood, etc., have a strong texture and better waterproof,
Can better resist the erosion of grease and moisture, used in the kitchen and bathroom is better.
  This kind of wallpaper printing exquisite, embossed texture good, waterproof moisture resistance is good, durable,
Easy to maintain, is the most commonly used, the most widely used wallpaper, PVC
Wallpaper is widely used in a variety of home and commercial establishments. Its types include ordinary PVC wallpaper and suppression of foam wallpaper, engineering wallpaper and so on.
  The advantages of deep embossed wallpaper:
  1 .. deep embossed wallpaper three-dimensional, strong sense of hierarchy, can give a better visual impact, decorative effect more atmosphere.
Strong texture, decorative effect of luxury and taste, especially for villas, luxury and other high-end places or highlight the style of the use of local style,
Deep embossed wallpaper than the ordinary wallpaper mellow, showing a better pattern embossed effect, and can effectively cover the walls of the small cracks, which is a lot of non-woven paper, paper does not have the advantage.
 4. Deep embossed wallpaper construction is convenient, easy to care, good moisture and moisture.
  Identification of high quality deep embossed wallpaper six standard:
 First, a strong sense of cloth, feel soft.
  The quality of the cloth pattern depends mainly on the stability of the recipe, embossing roller and embossing machine,
Through the stability between the three to achieve. Pure hand-carved embossing roller embossed delicate, uniform color effect,
Equipment temperature and speed are fully automatic control, produced by the wallpaper color stability, no color, coupled with the import of raw materials formula, and ultimately get the touch delicate, glossy soft cloth pattern effect.
  Second, realistic nature, high degree of simulation.
An important feature of high-quality deep embossed wallpaper is the high degree of simulation,
The meaning of simulation is that the pattern is reduced to the extent of real things, the key technology is still the process of embossing and the use of color gradient,
The higher the degree of simulation, the more realistic the decorative effect.
  Third, structured, delicate texture.
  The more sense of layering more visual impact, the more decorative atmosphere of luxury.
The key technology is the embossing roller engraving level and embossing machine with the use of hand-carved embossing roller, the molding effect of fine rounded,
Level points
Ming, the texture is clearly visible, especially the handling of the corners of the real Smart. Such as petals, Hua Rui, flower stems, flowers
Leaves clearly visible, bent freely, structured. While the ultimate use of color separation and color, but also highlights the main factors of the sense of hierarchy.
  Four, pure color, with coordination.
  Color is the lifeline of the ultimate effect of wallpaper, wallpaper is the most critical technology,
The influencing factors included three
Aspect: color, color, color. Colored pure refers to the color effect close to the degree of natural color, reflecting the real effect of vivid. Color separation refers to the printing of various layers of color overlay,
And finally show a good transition and gradient effect. Color coordination refers to a variety of colors with,
Especially the shading and pattern of color to coordinate comfort, high-end atmosphere, to achieve lasting and enjoyable, pleasing decorative effect.
  Five, overprint precision, set pressure stability.
  Overprinting Overprint refers to the shape of the embossed paper and the shape of the flower pattern to be fully consistent.
The difficulty of the process level is higher, usually the computer on the flower embossing machine than the manual flower embossing machine more stable and reliable,
At present, the highest level of embossing equipment in the world is the equipment of British company,
Its degree of automation and stability called the top.
  Six, the smell of moderate, healthy and environmentally friendly.
In order to achieve the perfect decorative effect, deep embossed wallpaper used in raw materials to meet the highest standards of the industry, using the most advanced ink printing, the environmental indicators need to be certified by the authority: such as
ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the European Union CE
Certification, quality testing reports, product smell mild, healthy and environmentally friendly.


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