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Wallpaper replacement need to pay attention to what the new wallpaper

Wallpaper replacement need to pay attention to what the new wallpaper Note Tool wallpaper: In some hotel decoration design, wall decoration is an important project. And now, more and more companies choose to use wallpaper to decorate the wall, so the office construction how to replace the new wallpaper without harming the wall, which has become an important process. In the replacement of new wallpaper, to use a professional knife, remove the wallpaper with a peeling knife. The use of professional peeling can reduce the damage to the wall. When using the knife, pay attention to carefully peel the wallpaper, do not hurry, otherwise it is easy to scratch the wall. Stripping old wallpaper can also be stripped using steam wallpaper. In general, if there is a large area of wallpaper need to peel, you can use this method. But this method is not suitable for too much of the wallpaper stripping, because the hot steam is easy to damage the wall. When the wallpaper is stripped, be sure to kill the wall after the full release, or it will easily damage the final effect of the wallpaper, but also affect the life of the wallpaper. Hotel hotel decoration wallpaper construction points grass-roots treatment, must be clean, smooth, smooth, moisture-proof paint should be painted evenly, not too thick. Concrete and plaster base: the wall clean, the surface cracks, potholes uneven with putty leveling. And then full of scraping putty, polished flat. According to the need to decide the number of scraping putty. Wood base: wood base should be planing, no burr, stubble, no exposed nail head. Seam, nail eye with putty fill. Full of putty, polished smooth. Gypsum board base: gypsum board joints with caulking putty treatment, and with a seam with a stick. The surface is putty. Brush primer generally use 107 glue, the end of plastic once survived, but can not be missed. 1, in order to prevent the wallpaper, wall cloth damp off, can be painted a layer of moisture-proof coating. 2, the vertical line and horizontal lines to ensure that the wallpaper, wall cloth vertical and horizontal, the correct basis for the pattern. 3, plastic wallpaper water jelly will swell, so use water to run paper, so that full expansion of plastic wallpaper, fiberglass substrate wallpaper, wall cloth, water without stretching, without paper. Composite paper wallpaper and textile fiber wallpaper should not be boring water. 4, paste, press the wallpaper adhesive, can not leave bubbles, squeeze the plastic to wipe the net in time. Home wallpaper: First, have to be posted on the wall of the old wallpaper slowly torn off. Tear, be careful not to tear the wall, or repair the wall, will be more trouble. PVC wallpaper is best to tear, just tear off the surface of the PVC layer can be, and the remaining end of the paper with a wet roll on the wall rolling 1-2 times, the end of the paper will automatically fall. Non-woven paper and paper, then first roll with a wet roll several times, and then slowly tear it. And so on the wall after the old wallpaper, you can follow the above steps, adjust the glue, posted directly on the line, do not have to brush the base film or varnish. Usually a room for a change in wallpaper, including tearing old wallpaper, half a day on the OK, the morning to go out to work at home in the evening to change a new environment, so that, or paste the wallpaper is good, how to change the home environment for how to change! The above experience is provided by Kexin wallpaper.


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