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Identify the authenticity of non-woven wallpaper five trick to let the fake was prototype

    Non-woven wallpaper, also known as cloth pulp fiber or wood pulp fiber, is the most popular international green wallpaper quality. To cotton and other natural plant fiber by non-woven molding of a wallpaper, is the latest environmentally friendly material, the current high-end home decoration is also more common. Wallpaper type so much, how to identify non-woven wallpaper is a lot of owners want to know the problem, here we learn about:
    Identify non-woven wallpaper techniques:

    1, touch feel: paper wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper look more similar, but in terms of their feel very different, although it seems that their texture will not be any difference, but in fact the feeling of pure paper wallpaper Soft, some are made of pure paper wallpaper is made of wood pulp.
    2, with color: non-woven wallpaper because the use of natural materials, there may be gradual color, is a normal phenomenon, rather than product quality problems.
    3, see the price: because non-woven wallpaper plant fiber extraction is more difficult, so the price of non-woven wallpaper is relatively high, relatively thin paper wallpaper is more expensive.

    4, burning smoke-free, taste: non-woven wallpaper is cotton and other natural plant fiber by non-woven molding of a wallpaper, does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine elements, complete combustion only produce carbon dioxide and water , No chemical elements burned when the strong smoke and stimulate the smell.

    5, tear can see the fiber: the current market, the regular non-woven wallpaper used non-woven paper most of the European imports, after tearing can really see a uniform fiber exposed, and in recent years some domestic paper mills imitation Non-woven paper quality uneven, and some even use cotton pulp paper posing as imported non-woven paper, tearing after no fiber.
    Non-woven wallpaper is one of the most commonly used wallpaper for home decoration, is the most environmentally friendly material, but in the choice of time we still have to pay attention to identify, so as not to buy counterfeit shoddy wallpaper.


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