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Wallpaper You have to know the secret wallpaper according to the materia

l is divided into: paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, special wallpaper. Wallpaper style classification: classicalism: the tradition of inheritance inherited, a long history of cultural modernism: the embodiment of personality level publicity, natural primitive expression neoclassical: classical and fashion perfect fusion, with modern technology to restore classical essence of rural style: Return to nature, the pursuit of pristine Bohemian style: in the details of excellence, in the subtlety to reflect the taste, strong color, complex design gives a strong visual impact and mysterious feelings. Wallpaper specifications (1) small roll wallpaper width 53 cm, 10 meters long This kind of wallpaper in Europe more popular, easy transportation, construction is simple. (2) wide wallpaper width 92 cm, 50 meters long Japanese use, a roll of paper just posted a room. (3) width of 70 cm, 10 meters long; 1.06 meters wide, 15 meters long This type of wallpaper is characterized by fewer joints. Wallpaper according to the production method can be divided into foam and embossed class 1. Foam category: the foam paste with a rotary screen to print on the paper or non-woven paper (also can be sprinkled on the pattern of metal, particles , Resin powder), through the foaming agent in the foam oven decomposition foam processing wallpaper. 2. embossed categories: (1) direct embossing: softening the PVC resin by heating, the use of carved texture of the steel bar pressure to PVC resin deformation, and then cooling the stereotypes of wallpaper such wallpaper accounted for 70% of the current sales market, Because it has a scrubable, rich colors, there are levels, texture effect, can imitate stone, sheet, silk, leather and so on. With the people's awareness of environmental protection, non-woven, plain paper wallpaper will gradually occupy more share. (2) chemical embossing: in the PVC coating by adding foaming agent, the use of inhibition of foam ink printing, foam through the oven to produce uneven embossed effect of the wallpaper is the most common three kinds of wallpaper PVC, non-woven, Pure paper distinction: PVC material: high foam, wallpaper surface is usually a taste, and the use of the process of ink have a certain relationship. Pure paper: is smooth, the construction of the technical requirements of relatively high non-woven: which added fiber, hand touch can feel. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages: PVC: plastic wallpaper, easy to wipe, but poor quality plastic surface containing volatile chemicals and heavy metal compounds, in addition to odor and harmful to human health. Pure paper: natural, environmental protection. Features: Seam more obvious, not easy to touch the water Nonwovens: easy to care, the overall effect is better than the first two kinds of materials Wallpaper Wallpaper Construction process Before the construction process → draw vertical → cut Paper → stuffy → brushing → paper wall → seam processing → large processing → seizure processing 74.3% of consumers said like wallpaper, but the wallpaper in the current market share in the end how much? Data show head

The use of wallpaper in the Chinese interior decoration, but the rate of 3% -5%, while in Europe, the United States and Japan, South Korea, the use of wallpaper more than 50%, showing the Chinese market wallpaper development potential.


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