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Frequently Asked Questions on Wallpaper Construction and Solution to Vulnerable Wall

First, the treatment of moisture wall:
The walls of the room tide, or even moldy. At this time can be coated with anti-seepage on the wall, so that the wall to form a colorless transparent waterproof layer, you can prevent the immersion of foreign water, keep the wall dry, then you can decorate the wall.
If the wall has been damp, you can let the damp wall of one to two months of drying process, and then brush on the wall layer of cement mixed with water slurry, from the moisture effect. Followed by plaster putty to fill the wall pits, dry sandpaper after the wall will be polished, then the dry and clean the wall on the bottom of the coating with a coating roller twice coated, can also be sprayed.
Second, the wallpaper construction common wall problems and solutions:
1, light wall: the wall is very smooth, not easy to absorb glue, not easy to dry, then the force will drop, sanding to be able to paste wallpaper.
2, Fenqiang: that is, the wall is not strong powder exists, should be sand mill to remove, leveling, brushing varnish or environmental performance higher wallpaper base film, to be dry after the paste wallpaper.
3, fill the putty: putty to add more white mortar and then firmly, will not crack.
4, approved flat putty: putty to add a small amount of white mortar, so sanding. Gypsum powder plus white glue to replace the flat putty, you can speed up the drying, shorten the construction time.


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