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Attached to the wallpaper after the daily maintenance is particularly important

Today's interior decoration in the wall of the people tend to use more and more wallpaper, not only because of the beautiful wallpaper, but also wallpaper fire, moisture and other functions. However, after the wallpaper is not a once and for all things, stickers after the wallpaper there are many considerations, the following Xiaobian to take you to see what precautions need to bear in mind.

Attached to the wallpaper after the note - timely and stable

Just paved wallpaper after the room should be closed doors and windows 2-3 days, dry processing. Because the room just drained of the wallpaper immediately ventilated will cause the wallpaper to be raised and drums. Also do not open the air and other heating equipment, so as to avoid the wallpaper caused by shrinking slippage.

Attached to the wallpaper after the note - pay attention to moisture

The south of May and June is the rainy season, with the increase in rainfall, moisture heavier. So in the wet season, should be properly ventilated during the day to prevent the invasion of moisture.

Attached to the wallpaper after the note - remove the residual glue

After the end of the pavement 3 days after the end of the pavement should be wiped with a wet towel gently wipe the wallpaper at the seam of the remaining wallpaper. Such as stained stains, should be promptly cleaned with a cleaning agent.

Attached to the wallpaper after the note - timely repair cleaning

Wallpaper is more resistant to scrub, but intolerant blunt objects, usually pay attention to prevent the impact of hard objects and friction wall, if found in the small surface damage, can be used near the color of the pigment or the same color wallpaper repair. For a wallpaper with embossed pattern, you can clean it once every 2-3 months with a vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to seep water into the seams. Non-corrugated wallpaper, usually only with chicken feathers can be cleaned. In this way, you decorated with a wallpaper in the room, after a few years will maintain a beautiful, clean effect.


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