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Home improvement when the purchase of personalized wallpaper to dress up home

With the economic development, wallpaper this new thing began to enter people's attention. Wallpaper is not only used in the bedroom, living room and study, with the popularity of waterproof wallpaper, etc., is into the kitchen and bathroom, has also been more and more consumers love. Some experts predict that the next 20 years to 50 years, the wallpaper will be the main material of interior decoration.

So, how to choose a fashion personality wallpaper, so that your home feel different?

First, how to choose wallpaper

1. Material selection

Home decoration try not to use plastic wallpaper, because of its environmental performance and poor ventilation performance, paste the wall after the easy Alice and yellow, affecting the room beautiful.

2. look at the effect

Good wallpaper looks natural, comfortable and three-dimensional sense of strong, you can observe whether the pattern is fine and have a sense of hierarchy, the tone transition is natural, the flowers are not allowed, whether there is color, death fold, bubble and other issues.

Touch the texture

Touch the wallpaper, feel the wallpaper texture. The key point is to touch the pattern part, look at the degree of uniformity of the pattern.

4. Rub the surface

Wallpaper stain resistance scrubbing is also a factor to consider when buying, so when you pick, you can use a slightly wet cloth to wipe the paper slightly, such as discoloration or delamination is poor quality.

Smell the smell

Smell the sample whether there is a clear smell of chemicals, if the smell may be heavy formaldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer and other volatile substances higher, not recommended for use.

Second, the type of wallpaper

1. Resin wallpaper

The surface layer is made of glue, also called polymer material. This kind of wallpaper waterproof performance is very good, the water will not penetrate into the wall inside, are isolated waterproof.

Recommended places: public areas, toilets.

Paper wallpaper

It is made of paper as the base material, embossed after printing, natural, comfortable, no smell, good environmental protection, breathable performance, but the paper is not good for a long time may be slightly yellowed.

Recommended places: children's room

3. Textile wallpaper

With silk, wool, cotton, linen and other fiber woven into, good texture, good ventilation. But the surface easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean, use must be equipped with dust cleaning equipment. The wallpaper is now more popular, generally also called wall cloth, this wallpaper prices will be higher.

Recommended crowd: higher spending power.

4. Natural material wallpaper

With grass, hemp, wood, leaves, straw mats or precious trees made of wood slices, simple and natural style, rich in a strong atmosphere of life.

Recommended style: pastoral style decoration.

5. Metal wallpaper

Is a kind of wall made of metal film made of wallpaper, this wallpaper composition of the line is very spectacular, giving a resplendent, solemn and generous feeling, good resistance to resistance.

Recommended places: such as living room, restaurant.

6. And paper wallpaper

And paper is called "king of paper", very durable, thousands of years of color and physical shape will not change. It gives a sense of fresh and refined, and both waterproof and fire performance, but most of the expensive.

Recommended crowd: higher spending power.

7. Simulation series of wallpaper

To plastic as raw materials, with technical means to imitate the brick, stone, bamboo, porcelain and wood and other real wood patterns and texture, processed into a variety of color varieties of decorative wallpaper, local use, the general choice of PVC wallpaper Yes.

Third, paste the wallpaper skills

1. Wall treatment: with a scraper to the wall of impurities scraping clean, and the wall flattened, the gap filled with gypsum powder.

2. Cut the wallpaper: first measure the width of the wall, the height of the wall by the wall plus 5 to 8 cm, as a line on the use of trimming.

3. Brush glue: the wallpaper glue painted on the back of the cut wallpaper, pay special attention to the edge of the edge to be coated with glue to ensure the construction quality.

4. Wallpaper construction: usually in the door or the corners from the top down the first wallpaper, with a scraper from top to bottom, from the inside out, gently scrape the wallpaper, squeeze the bubble and excess glue, so Wallpaper is close to the wall.

5. Trimming clean: the upper and lower ends of the excess wallpaper cut, knife edge to be sharp to avoid the burr, and then sponge dipped in water will remain in the wallpaper on the surface of the glue completely wipe clean, so that wallpaper yellow.


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