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Wallpaper exhibition flagship "green" novel wallpaper caused the public decoration impulse

    More than a decade ago by the favorable wallpaper, and now the product pattern renovation, the function is more diversified. (Shanghai) wallpaper, fabric, carpet (carpet decoration renderings) and home soft decoration exhibition, environmental protection wallpaper became the protagonist, and some can be adsorbed formaldehyde, and some can also adjust Room temperature and humidity.
    Wallpaper paste does not produce secondary pollution
    Driven by the regulation of real estate, wallpaper industry is currently developing at a low point. However, the industry will be held by the manufacturers of the show, the exhibition area for the first time to reach 80,000 square meters, the largest ever the scale of the show.
    In Shanghai, a wallpaper manufacturer booth, the wallpaper is like a picture of a lifelike murals, including modern (modern decoration renderings) style, Chinese (Chinese decoration renderings) style and European style (European decoration renderings) style, there are flowers , Abstract, human nature, but also landscape, painting, flowers and birds and other topics. A middle-aged audience said: "the room affixed to these murals of the wallpaper, as if exposure to nature."
    According to the booth staff, because of its wallpaper using digital printing, the pattern is more delicate and delicate, high color saturation, do not fade. Wallpaper on the realistic picture by the United States certified environmentally friendly toner printing, selection of non-woven paper as a substrate, not only can be recycled, and the production process basically zero emissions, pollution-free.
    Allegedly, wallpaper is more environmentally friendly than paint, after renovation can quickly stay. Environmental wallpaper sticking process, it will not lead to secondary pollution. Manufacturers use environmentally friendly wall latex, the raw materials from the composition of starch and glutinous rice.
    There are many visitors at the scene to take a variety of wallpaper model for comparison, hundreds of patterns people looked dazzling, and sometimes can not eat which one better. A 40 - year - old woman told reporters that her house more than 10 years ago when the decoration with wallpaper style outdated, and some have been damaged, "see the wallpaper so now look good, there is the redemption of the red.
    The functional wallpaper era has arrived
    In another Jiangsu manufacturer's booth, the wallpaper features more diversified. In addition to non-woven paper and silk made of wallpaper, there are straw made of straw, linen fiber in the numerous pores, can adjust the air humidity, breathable environmental no smell. In addition, the linen material wallpaper can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, known as "indoor air conditioning." As the surface of the linen material with convex texture, rich three-dimensional, strong coloring, the performance of the screen more tension.
    Manufacturers told the visitors, the wallpaper surface sprayed with a light enzyme, can effectively absorb the home decoration produced when the formaldehyde, play a role in the purification of air. "Formaldehyde in addition to" wallpaper products is not a gimmick, the popularity of this new product, means that the era of functional wallpaper has come.
    Reporters learned that the wallpaper of the raw materials directly from the natural material. In a Ningbo manufacturer's booth, you can see the use of diatomaceous earth and shell pearl powder as raw materials made of ecological wall materials. Diatomaceous earth is a biological billion years of sedimentary rocks, composed of the remains of ancient diatoms, because of its molecules with a special porous structure, with strong adsorption and ion exchange performance, adsorption decomposition of formaldehyde, clean indoor air, Produce negative ions, reduce noise, and washable. Shell pearl powder series of wall materials is the main raw material pearl powder and resin, together with the diatom mud wall material is called "will breathe the wallpaper."
    It is reported that this type of environmental wallpaper per square meter price of 100 yuan to 300 yuan range. The price is more expensive wall material hardness is high, not easy to bump damage, the service life is usually 10 years, suitable for ordinary family spending power.


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