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Wallpaper wall is more suitable for home decoration

With the increase in second - hand housing market, part of the new home gradually into the maintenance, renovation stage.
In the second part of the renovation, the wall renovation is a major project. Under normal circumstances, the second renovation than the newly renovated price to be higher than 8000-10000 yuan. Through the wallpaper, wall covering, paint replacement for the house to make a face is a very economical and immediate choice.
At present simple and minimalist style, warm and elegant romantic style is the number of secondary decoration owners are more popular home style. Wallpaper, wall cloth is more mainstream wall materials.
Minimalist style: to reflect the minimalist style, wall design should follow the "simple but not simple," the purpose, you can use plain, monochrome wall materials for home to create a simple, gentle atmosphere, and then through Furniture, accessories and other arrangements to enrich the home expression; or can be bright through the large pieces of wallpaper to reflect the personality of the family; also through the wall of the material from the details of their own texture to show their own good quality of life.
Pastoral style: At the beginning of 2007, from the world's major furniture exhibition can feel a warm warm, vines, flowers, rounded organic form as the representative of the idyllic style of the most popular.
European style retro style: European classical style is no longer the pursuit of grand and complicated design, more inclined to create a low-key sense of luxury. In the color, wine red, gold, clove purple, smoke gray, ocher, etc. are a good theme color choice; in material, silk texture of the wallpaper is easier to pass out the retro elegant feeling.
Natural style: blue sky, white clouds, vines, flowers, butterflies, elegant return in this season. Nature is the designer's most rich source of inspiration resources, based on the natural decorative patterns are often enduring, but also by the fashion people's favorite.
In the naturalism of the popular at the same time, with a rustic bedroom design for the family to bring fresh feelings. The wallpaper as a wall of the clothes, can be more rich expression of the connotation of this style.
Childlike style: fresh and romantic popular theme is also reflected in the wallpaper, we see is bright, fresh colors and young, romantic feeling fusion.
In addition, there is now a waterproof wallpaper, which in the application of new technology, the use of paper-based PVC as the substrate, because the surface PVC layer thick, so excellent waterproof performance. However, even the waterproof wallpaper should also be avoided by direct water shower or soaking, so the "wet and dry" partition of the bathroom can be wallpaper and mosaic, tiles and other wall materials used to match, appreciate the DIY fun, magic to create a variety of general Style and decoration effect, add the unique charm of bathroom space.


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