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How to paste the wall stickers with the progress of the times

How to paste the wall stickers with the progress of the times, people on the home improvement of the wall, from the paint to the wallpaper and then the rise of the seamless wall cloth, from the beginning of the people with cement to smooth the wall even if the completion of the entire wall Of the decoration, to the development of society today, the middle through the paint. Wallpaper, people's pursuit is also getting higher and higher. Not only neat can be, and began to pursue beautiful, environmentally friendly, anti-mildew, anti-fouling, moisture and other multi-functional, seamless wall cloth also ensued. Wall cloth how to paste the most concerned about the issue nowadays, the following mainly based on Hurd seamless wall cloth to introduce the following: how to paste the wall stickers paste tools / raw materials brush, pressure wheel, scraper, utility knife, ruler, sponge , Roller, bucket, small brush (for brush) Method / step Construction preparation stage Note 1> Straight ruler out of the wall to another corner of the circumference, leaving a little room, the wall cloth cut , To stir the glue painted on the wall, from the middle to the corner to brush evenly, do not put the glue on the wall cloth. 2> Check the wall with or without quality problems, calculate the purchase of the product is sufficient, if the need to replenish whether the same batch of products. 3> Check whether the wall is handled well (dry, flat, hard). 4> glue: to be used strong, environmentally friendly wall cloth for plastic. 5> cutting: the construction of cutting the environment to be clean, pay attention to the flower wall when the cut to the good flowers. 6> wall cloth before the paste must not be soaked.
    Paste Note 1> All flower products are overlapping edge tailoring construction, the flowers need to start from the middle of the wall on the flower, in order to achieve the best effect on the flower. 2> Brush on the wall to avoid sticking to the surface of the wall. If you accidentally spill it, use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

3> In order to obtain a good seam effect, must be crushed by the pressure roller side seam, otherwise the wall cloth dry after the obvious seam. 4> paste to ensure that the surface of the wall cloth clean, the construction staff have to keep clean Oh. 5> Do not allow oil to dip the surface of the wall. 6> Please close doors and windows within 2 days of construction and after construction. So that the natural dry wall cloth, prohibit the use of air conditioning, dryer, or prone to Alice, cracking phenomenon. 7> cutting edge when the knife to keep sharp, blade and wall to maintain 25 degrees angle, force evenly, or prone to flash. 8> After the paste with a wet towel to wipe off the excess mortar and then carefully check again whether there is air bubbles, such as the use of needle deflated or needle into the glue scratched, and finally with the wall knife cut the left and right sides
Maintenance matters 1> Alice phenomenon, need to rework repair, usually with a wall cloth seam repair glue, and press the roll fixed, if the edge of the hardening bounce, the water can be soft and soft after filling pressure. 2> bubble, hollow can be separated from the wall knife cloth a small mouth, release the air, into the glue and tablet. 3) a little stains can be used clean clean sponge wipes wipe; dust can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to use chicken feathers patting clean; ink pen marks can be used ethanol, water, clean a little mixed cleaning; grease stains can be used turpentine or water that day with water 50% Mixed cleaning.


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