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Wallpaper accessories Mo underestimate the selection of base film powder is very important

    Wallpaper products deeper and very important, thousands of miles of embankment collapse in the truth of the cave told us that the details of durable goods protection is more important. Wallpaper products in the selection of accessories in the process, you must recognize.
    Wallpaper manufacturers to develop more and more wallpaper products, according to the acidity and alkalinity, the density varies, the required wallpaper basement film, wallpaper glue types are also very different.
    Therefore, in the distribution process, the more important is through the wallpaper with the accessories, to consumers more perfect decorative effect.
    Wallpaper prices for the core wallpaper accessories can keep up
    Wallpaper manufacturers in the process of producing products, often based on the price of materials and materials, there is a certain degree of relationship between the calculation of re-pricing.
    The key depends on the use of materials and the combination of specific space environment, if the choice of materials and combinations with not handled well, even if the use of expensive imported materials, the effect will be poor.
    Environmental brand to start wallpaper accessories "natural" more important
    The decorative effect of process materials is important, but the environmental requirements of the more attention should be paid attention to. It should be said that this is the most basic bottom line for all material product quality requirements. Wallpaper manufacturers on the wallpaper and environmental protection requirements should be the same as the wallpaper itself must be the same attention.
    Long-term use of more convincing small accessories with a big effect
    It is necessary to think of the wallpaper is to face every day, some wallpaper look good, but the effect on the wall after the poor; some wallpaper a beautiful but need to stick, affecting the overall sense of the overall sense; some wallpaper began to look beautiful, Fast visual fatigue will be tired of the eye, the so-called good-looking is not necessarily intimidating, resistance does not necessarily start looking good, is the truth.


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