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Decorative wallpaper of the eight kinds of problems

The first point is that the reasons for the emergence of the paper is likely to be the construction of the air is not completely discharged, or uneven thickness when coating, there may be their own walls are not smooth, the wall caused by the more humid.
The second point of the wallpaper caused by moldy causes may be because the wallpaper protective layer of the anti-mildew plus less, paste the wallpaper before the wall moisture is too heavy, base film brushing uneven, wall powder did not complete the gelatinization, wall powder itself low quality.
The third point is that the reasons for the emergence of the slits from the loss of paper may be due to not good seam, or measurement is not standard, in this wallpaper when not a one-time cut in the past, if it is PVC paper, scraping may also lead to elongation Stuck paper.
The fourth point is the wallpaper caused by rupture may be the wall itself is not smooth, the walls have particles, sand, etc .; rubber powder is not completely gelatinization.
The fifth point is the wallpaper Alice appears this situation may be due to the grassroots level, the powder layer is not handled clean, wall moisture, paper paste adhesive with unqualified, wrapped around the angle of the amount of too small and so on
The sixth point of wallpaper fade may be due to poor wallpaper itself, and often subject to sunlight, grass-roots color inconsistencies and other reasons.
The weather is due to the climate of the season, such as the high temperature in summer, the wall is dry, the glue is dry fast, such as posting slow, easy to alice or shedding, winter temperature is low, wall cloth and PVC comparison Hard, easy to Alice, construction with a wall cloth softener to deal with.
The eighth point of sticky enough, sticky is not strong because of the low solid content, plus too much water; mortar ratio ratio is not appropriate; wallpaper gluing time is too short, and the wallpaper is not fully penetrated, contact is not tight; Wall moisture, oil content; tune the glue time is too long, has been hydrated; base film is not completely dry; varnish brush is too thick; dry paste will be more sticky, wet paste more sticky.


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