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How to choose the most suitable wallpaper is the key to saving money

How to choose the right wallpaper
The use of large area monochrome on the living room wall is more popular, bright colors can inspire people's emotions, suitable for use in the dining room and living room; Jining decoration that cool or low color can make people focus on energy, emotional stability, The most appropriate workplace; light color so that people relaxed and relaxed, can be used in the bedroom.
Buy wallpaper according to the amount
Experts advise you to buy wallpaper, it is best to estimate the amount of wallpaper used in order to buy the same batch of the same batch of wallpaper, reduce unnecessary trouble, but also to avoid waste.
The amount of wallpaper used is calculated using the following formula:
The amount of paper (volume) is equal to the circumference of the room multiplied by the height of the room multiplied by (100 plus K) / the number of square meters per roll, K for the loss rate of wallpaper, usually 3 to 10.
General standard wallpaper can be spread 5.2m2 per roll.
The size of the K is related to the following factors:
Wallpaper pattern size: large pattern patchwork on the flower complex, so the utilization rate than the small pattern is low, so the K value is slightly larger; Jining decoration that the need for flowers than the pattern does not need to use the pattern of low, K value slightly larger ; The pattern of the same orientation is lower than the pattern of the transverse arrangement, and the K value is slightly larger;
Buried surface nature: Buried surface complex than the ordinary plane needs more wallpaper, K value is high;
Paper paste method: the use of patchwork method of stitching on the stitching wallpaper high utilization rate, K value is small; with overlapping cutting sewing method wallpaper wallpaper usage is low, K value is large.


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