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Wallpaper market quality into a focus on how to identify consumers?

    Quality, the relationship between the people's livelihood, but also the quality of life, and ordinary consumers are closely related to the daily life of the household industry, the quality of products and services even more important. From the recent major media exposure B & Q "quality door" and other events get warm response can be seen, the quality of home has become a social hot spots.
    Wallpaper sold by square meters: cool than to buy
    Home building materials stores, most of the wallpaper are rolled by volume, there are individual sales in accordance with square meters. It is understood that both domestic wallpaper or imported wallpaper are in volume as a unit, and wallpaper specifications are 5.3 square meters, 5.64 square meters range, each roll is not an integer. In fact, the number of wallpaper required for renovation or according to the designer's design, and then according to the wallpaper specifications to buy, each roll of wallpaper is a fraction, rather than an integer.
    Imported wallpaper hidden true identity Weapon: check the brand and origin
    Came to a high-end stores, see a retro rural flowers and plain paper wallpaper, the price is 1780 yuan / volume. The salesman said the wallpaper was produced in Belgium. Reporters with questions and consultation with the professionals, "pure paper wallpaper is generally produced in the United States, Germany production of non-woven paper, the United Kingdom Belgium is mainly the production of imported PVC wallpaper. Different countries produce different materials wallpaper." The person analysis, from style and style Look, it should be the United States wallpaper. "Pure paper wallpaper in the cheapest imported paper, the price of more than 300 yuan per volume less than 400 yuan.


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