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Home decoration wallpaper selection little tips big life

    In the current home decoration, the choice of wallpaper is also receiving more and more attention. So the choice of home decoration wallpaper to pay attention to those who do? Many people are on how to choose suitable for home decoration wallpaper is very interested in editing and finishing some of the choice of home decoration wallpaper precautions, the following, and Xiaobian together Look at the precautions for home decoration wallpaper selection.
In the "light decoration, heavy decoration" concept, the modern home design more attention to the visual area of the largest wall decoration, and wallpaper has become a leading modern home soft decoration leading. These colorful wallpaper, both rich in the home expression, laid the style of life, but also in the details of the owner's taste. In recent years, with the second - hand housing transactions gradually become the mainstream of the city, with wallpaper renovation walls, so that the room a new look, but also economical and immediate and easy approach.
Style beautiful personality correctness
Unlike paint, good wallpaper is not just decorative industrial materials, or a can be used to carefully appreciate the works of art. Modern wallpaper design from around the world to seek creative inspiration, design more diverse. Modern style, the Nordic style, the British style, American village and classical, neoclassical style, avant-garde street style, new Chinese style, mix and match the exotic style of different styles, in the aesthetic effect of different. Many customers face an array of wallpaper often "squandering for charming eyes", so before the selection must be on the overall style of decoration have a basic grasp, combined with family members of personal love and aesthetic taste to choose.
Material green environmental protection by the attention
Wallpaper style is not only a variety of styles, materials are also different. Wallpaper material includes cloth, cloth pulp fiber (non-woven), wood pulp fiber (pure paper), pulp compound, hand natural material, etc., which cloth wallpaper material added silk, velvet and natural hemp fiber, more luxurious. Modern families in the decoration than ever before more emphasis on the environmental protection of materials. Overall, wood pulp fiber, cloth pulp and cloth and other materials in the green environment is very advantageous, widely used. Wood pulp fiber wallpaper permeability is good, and the color varieties are the most abundant; cloth pulp fiber wallpaper is more tough, durable, popular; cloth wallpaper higher end, can create a unique room warm and elegant atmosphere.
Function is selected according to space function
For home wallpaper, used in different functions of the room, the choice of wallpaper is also different focus. The living room is a place where the neighborhood is large, mostly soft, simple pattern; bedroom is more private place, personality preferences in the meantime, the pattern of elegant wallpaper is more conducive to create a warm and comfortable space; and personality or Highlight the color can be considered after the bedside local paving. Full of thick ink scholarly study, more suitable for a story, the theme of the wallpaper, fresh and elegant than brilliant eye-catching. The restaurant should be simple and interesting, with lively color can stimulate appetite, solid color wall is clean and rustic, elegant pattern highlights the warmth of family reunion.


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